Definitions for "RTG"
Reading Therapies Group
regional transmission group. A large number of utilities, independent power producers and state agencies join to provide more equitable and easier access to power lines in an area covering many states. The first such RTG was approved May 16, 1995 - Western Regional Transmission Association. FERC has said it would defer to decisions made by such groups.
Regional Transmission Group. a voluntary organization of transmission owners and users who act as a forum to report to the FERC on the implementation of open access to transmission systems
Routing Table Generator. IBM software that generates path tables for SNA networks. Announced June 1985. Support ended August 1991. Withdrawn December 1997 because of Y2K concerns. See also NETDA/2.
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
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Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane. A mobile gantry crane fitted with rubber tyres. It is often used to transfer and stack containers within container terminals.
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One of the best online casino software companies.
A software developer ("Real Time Gaming") who provide a popular casino engine.
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Renal Threshold of Glucose
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Royal Thai Government
Retargetable Graphics, allowing any graphics board to have direct support by the operating system.
RTG is a high-performance SNMP statistics monitoring system. Designed for service providers to collect large amounts of time-series SNMP data quickly. Data is inserted into a database to which RTG analysis, reporting and graphing applications interface
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Research and Training Grant
This is the abbreviation of resistance to ground.
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Real Terms Guarantee