Definitions for "Financial Assistance"
Economic assistance provided by unrelated third parties, typically government agencies. They may take the form of loans, loan guarantees, subsidies, tax allowances, contributions, or cost-sharing arrangements.
Assistance provided by employers and community organizations to help families pay for a portion of child care costs.
Assistance granted to students on the basis of assessed financial need. Forms of financial assistance include: government student loans and grants, bursaries, work study and UBC loans. Canadian federal and provincial grants, loans and work study programs are generally available only to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.
money available from various sources to help students pay for college. Students must establish eligibility and funds can be competitive.
Transfer by NIH of money or property to an eligible entity to support or stimulate a public purpose authorized by statute.
The Adoption Code (law) of the state of Michigan and of many other states permits the payment of actual living expenses for the birth mother during her pregnancy and for six weeks after the delivery. The expenses will then be reviewed and approved by the court facilitating the adoption.
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