Definitions for "BRS"
BRS is a Maine state agency within the Department of Labor (DOL) and is responsible for providing vocational rehabilitation and assisted living services to persons with disabilities.
Biotechnology Regulatory Services Division (USA) Part of APHIS that oversees the importation and interstate movement of bioengineered pharmaceutical plants and infectious plant vectors as well as the release of these entities into the environment (outside of a contained facility such as a greenhouse, laboratory, or fermentor).
Business Reply Service. Allows mailers to provide a post free response for respondents. The mailer will only pay postage for the replies received, plus a small administrative charge.
Ballistic Rescue System; parachute designed to save aircraft in emergency
Billing Receivable System - automated system that credits Financial aid to your Student account.
Bible Retrieval System
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Abbreviation for " Blue Ribbon Sports," the original name of the company co-founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight and now known as Nike.
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Bristile Limited
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Series of Sony U-matic tapes intendd for Hi-Band use.
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Bureau of Rural Science
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British Record Society
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