Definitions for "FIS"
French acronym for the International Ski Federation.
Federation Internationale du Commerce de Semences (International Seed Trade Federation).
Federal Inspection Service
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Flood Insurance Study. An engineering study performed by FEMA to identify flood-prone areas, insurance risk zones, and other flood data within a community.
File Interchange System. The File Interchange System Tool is an automated process that allows a user to submit commands, files, and experiment kernels (E-Kernel) to the FIS for upload to the spacecraft and to the University of Arizona's GRS database for record keeping. The FIS tool uses JPL-supplied tools to create full Spacecraft Activity Sequence Files (SASFs) and place them in the FIS. It is command-line driven to allow batch processing and simple terminal access. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is also available to allow browsing of input files and creation of the E-Kernel.
Abbreviation for FIFE Information System, a data system to serve as a tool for designing the experiment as well as for organizing and manipulating the complex data set before and after the data collection effort. See Strebel et al. (1990).
Free into Store, an unofficial trade term indicating that the seller's price includes all costs up to delivery to the buyer. This is similar in effect to DDP.
In addition to freight and insurance the exporter is responsible for the cost of all entry costs, including import duty, unloading, inland freight, broker¡s fees and custom house¡s fees.
Free into store. Goods delivered into a store with no freight charges.
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(Historical) Full Internet Service. One of the services offered by the JANET National Dial-up Service provided by U-NET Ltd. under contract to UKERNA. The service terminated in December 2001.
Finance Information Services
Foreign Information Service (part of COI, US WII)
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Fronte Islamique de Salvation
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Flying Instructors School.