Definitions for "ISIR"
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an electronic reproduction of a Student Aid Report, transmitted by the Federal Processor to individual Financial Aid Offices and is just as valid as a regular SAR
The report sent to the University from the Central Processor with the student's Estimated Family Contribution. This is received four to six weeks after the student files the FAFSA.
Institution Student Information Record - Electronic report received by the University after the FAFSA has been processed.
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(Initial Sample Inspection Report) A specified format for submitting initial samples to the OOEM for approval. Elements of an ISIR include: Initial  Sample Warrant, sample parts, checked print, lab test results to OEM specifications, certification data, gauge studies, process capability results, process flow diagrams, control plans and FMEAs. (Generic) - OEM Specific Initial Sample Names: Chrysler Corporation:  ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report); Ford Motor Company:  ISR (Initial Sample Report;  General Motors Corporation:  GP-e (See GP-3)