Definitions for "ISR"
1) Information Storage and Retrieval 2) Interrupt Service Routine 3) Interrupt Status Register 4) Inside Service Representative 5) International Survey Research
Institute for Social Research
Interrupt Service Routine. An ISR is a section of code that will service a particular interrupt request. [Section
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In-Stent Restenosis
Intermediate Session Routing. Initial routing algorithm used in APPN. ISR provides node-to-node connection-oriented routing. Network outages cause sessions to fail because ISR cannot provide nondisruptive rerouting around a failure. ISR has been replaced by HPR. Compare with HPR. See also APPN.
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Impuesto Sobre la Renta (Income Tax).
Instrument Science Report
Department of Industry, Science and Resources
(Initial Sample Report, Ford) See definition of ISIR.
International Sporthorse Registry
Industry li a href http www isrsurveys com International Survey Research
International Search Report
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Iranian State Railway
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Information Systems Resources (ISR) is responsible for implementing and managing administrative information systems at McGill. WSG are part of ISR
Inuvialuit Settlement Region
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Individual School Range – size of school and payrange for salaries
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Inside radius.
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Indirect Source Review
Intensive Supervised Release
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Injury Severity Rate. Number of days lost per one million man hours worked.
Individualised Student Record