Definitions for "SSD"
Satellite Services Division
Sterile Services Departments
Social Security Disability. Monthly payments from the U.S. government to disabled citizens who have not worked and have not paid into the Social Security system.
Saturated Surface Dry. A condition of an aggregate which holds as much water as it can without having any water within the pores between the aggregate particles.
Sea surface density (sigma-theta) at one meter depth.
saturated surface dry. Condition of concrete when the permeable voids are filled with water but no water is on the exposed surface.
SSD storage is basically a huge block of RAM chips that functions like a hard drive. Solid state drives are extremely expensive, but offer very high data speeds that are necessary in some applications. They can also be used as large caches on huge RAID subsystems
Solid-State Storage Device, a very high-performance secondary storage device.
In Keepsafer, SSD means sensor status display. The console of this system has a LED light display for each of the 8 (SSD-8 System) or 16 (SSD-16 System) transmitters that can be programmed into the memory of the system. This LED display allows the user to know what door is open, what transmitter needs a battery replaced and, most importantly, what transmitter tripped an alarm should that happen.
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Abbr. for uper tar estroyer. [ edit][ edit][ edit
SSD (Society-System Decontrol) were a Straight Edge Hardcore band from Boston. They released two records as SS Decontrol and then formally changed their name to SSD. As SSD they released two more records, these with a very hard rock influenced sound.
Subsyndromal Symptom Depression
See Scheduled Start Date
Service Start Date. For contracted, tariffed, and month-to-month services, the service start date is the date when services will begin in the funding year for which the applicant is applying. Note that discounts will NOT be provided for services delivered before the beginning of the funding year, which starts on July 1.
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Super Star Destroyer.
Silicon Strip Detectors. Detectors made of tiny strips of silicon, which create voltage pulses when traversed by charged particles, such as electrons or positrons.
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SAS Database
Shared Secret Data. A bit pattern stored in the mobile station and known by the base station. SSD is used to support the authentication procedures and voice privacy. Shared Secret Data is maintained during power off.
(Machine Safety) Abbreviation for Secondary Switching Device. An output which, in a lock-out condition, performs a back-up safety function by going to the OFF-state and initiating an appropriate machine control action.