Definitions for "HDC"
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Hill Descent Control, electronic system applies brakes automatically to crawl down a steep hill, as on the Freelander, ~ 1997.
Hill Descend Control
Hill Descent Controle
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half double crochet sp(s) space(s)
Half - double crochet. YO hook, insert hook into stitch, YO, draw back through stitch, YOo, draw through all 3 loops on hook. Crochet term.
half double crochet (UK: htr-half treble)
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The hard disk controller (HDC) refers to the computer chips and its associated electronic circuits that transfer data from the hard disk to the computer.
Hard Drawn Copper
secondary master IDE hard disk Keyword(s): device names
High Density Casing - Carcass with a cord density greater than 66 TPI (240 threads/dm2), which helps achieve the ideal compromise between efficiency , a comfortable ride and puncture resistance. The HDC carcass is used for the Megamium 2.
Housing Development Corporation. Private multifamily housing corporation established to serve a specific geographic area (neighborhood, city, state or region). Provides technical assistance, lends seed money and directly sponsors housing developments. Generally includes community residents, local business representatives and governmental officials on its board of directors.
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Human Development Center
HCFA Data Center
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High Dose Chemotherapy. High dose chemotherapy.
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Higher doctorates
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Hospital Data Collection