Definitions for "Medicaid waiver"
a stream of federal and state funding appropriated for the community-based services of a person with a disability
(see also Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver): A provision of Federal law that allows HCFA to approve a State's Medicaid plan even though it does not comply with all Federal requirements as long as certain safeguards and other criteria are met.
Provided to older persons and disabled individuals assessed as frail, functionally impaired, and at risk of nursing home placement. Services designated to assist recipients to remain at home are arranged by a case manager based upon a comprehensive assessment of needs. Individuals must meet financial and technical criteria.
Keywords:  waive, ignore, feds, permission, slip
a permission slip from the feds that lets states ignore ("waive") rules when providing Medicaid services
additional levels of Medicaid health insurance coverage available in some states, that must be separately applied for.