Definitions for "Pantograph"
An instrument for copying plans, maps, and other drawings, on the same, or on a reduced or an enlarged, scale.
An electrical conducting device consisting of a collapsible frame resembling a pantograph{1}, connected to the top of an electrically-powered vehicle such as a trolley, and used to conduct electrical current between the vehicle and an overhead electric wire, which supplies the power to the vehicle. The variable height of the pantograph ensures that it can move to follow variations in the height of the overhead wires, and thus make constant contact with the wires.
The device on the roof of a train which collects current from the overhead line.
For many years the mainstay of the engraving industry and still in common usage serving a vital role. Pantograph is on all-inclusive term that is used to describe a wide variety of machines ranging from very small two dimensional, fixed ratio non-motorized machines, to large, free standing, three dimensional, variable ratio ones. Regardless of their size or complexity all pantographs basically operate in the same manner, i.e. tracing a template with a stylus attached to the arms of the machine and, through a reduction ratio produces a mark on or into the surface of the material being engraved.
Mechanical device for copying pictures which consists of several wooden rods hinged together such that an image traced at on end will be duplicated (larger, smaller, or the same size) at the other end. Analogous devices exist for copying three-dimensional objects and are often used in commercial\industrial applications.
a device with parallel links used to trace an object to different scales including one to one
Holding device for frames, frame sash, and hoops which controls movement of embroidery fabric in the X-and-Y directions, to create a embroidery design while the needle remains in a stationary postion.
LINKAGES. A scissor-like device. A special form of control rod attached to the expansion joint assembly whose primary function is to positively distribute the movement equally between the two bellows of the universal joint throughout its full range of movement. Pantograph linkages, like control rods, are not designed to restrain pressure thrusts.
a series of arms connected in a special manner such that they move in a fixed relationship to each other
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A decorative logo or printed pattern used to add security against check alteration and forgery.
a pattern on a roll or individual design, which when placed on the table at the back of the machine can be followed with a laser light
a repeating pattern or motif which is stitched across the entire quilt
a diamond shaped framework which raises and lowers straight upward or downward
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