Definitions for "Mycosis Fungoides"
A very rare type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that affects the skin. It is one of a group of conditions called cutaneous T cell lymphomas. MF usually begins with red scaly patches forming on the skin. These can be very itchy. In the second stage raised red plaques (patches) can form. The last stage is raised lumps forming on the skin which are tumours. It is a very slow disease and some people do not progress beyond the first or second stages. MF is treated with chemotherapy or steroid creams, radiotherapy and ultraviolet light.
a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma or primary lymphoreticular tumor that may spread internally as the disease progresses; the tumor initially involves only the skin.
(MF):An old term for the most common type of CTCL. It is a low-grade lymphoma which primarily affects the skin. Generally it has a slow course and often remains confined to the skin. Over time, in about 10% of the cases, it can progress to the lymph nodes and internal organs. read more...