Definitions for "Clear channel"
Keywords:  kbps, bandwidth, ksl, villanized, amfm
Channel in which the full bandwidth (e.g., 64 kbps) is used for transmission; no portion of the channel is set aside for control,framing or signaling.
A clear channel protects stations designated as Class A stations from objectionable interference within their primary and secondary service areas. To provide this wide service area, Class A stations operate within a power range of 10 to 50 kilowatts.
A frequency assigned for the exclusive use of one entity, or a signal path that provides its full bandwidth for a user's service.
Keywords:  imuxed, codec, isdn, decoder, far
The concept whereby individual ISDN data calls are placed one by one, rather than by other call set-up protocols such as BONDING (see entry). These individual data streams are later IMUXed (see entry) together by the decoder of the far end codec.