Definitions for "Lees"
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Dregs. See 2d Lee.
The residue that forms in wine during fermentation. Made up of dead yeast cells, grape seeds and skins and tartrates, it is usually separated from the wine, typically by means of racking, as soon as possible, but some wines are deliberately left in contact with the lees (see sur lie and autolysis) to gain complexity and/or to encourage malolactic fermentation.
A heavy sediment consisting of dead yeast cells and other solid matter such as grape pulp, pips and so on. Keeping the wine on the lees, especially if they are stirred from time to time, may be beneficial to the wine, imparting extra flavour and body. Eventually, however, they must be removed. This may be achieved by racking the wine off the lees. Residual solid matter may be removed by filtration.
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A leash.
The Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems (LEES) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides the theoretical basis, and component, circuit and system technologies required to develop advanced electrical energy applications. LEES research areas include electronic circuits, components and systems, power electronics and control, micro and macro electromechanics, electromagnetics, continuum mechanics (the interaction of fields with fluids and other deformable media), high voltage engineering and dielectric physics, manufacturing and process control, and energy economics.
an area just south of Ottawa University best known for the five apartment buildings jutting out from it. due to its proximity to the University and its easy accessibility from Highway 417 and from public transport, it has become both a popular place to live and a good gathering place for various events.
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Is 25: 6; Jer 48: 11; Zeph 1: 12] sheltered: calm; a place defended from the wind.