Definitions for "Environmental impact"
is the incidence of the human activity on their natural environment, on their ecosystem, and can be resumed in three big sectors: changes in the use of soil, soil, water and atmosphere pollution and depletion of resources. The environmental impact assessment (E.I.A.), present in legislation of different countries is a study carried out in order to identify, prevent and correct the consequences or environmental impacts that certain activities can cause on people and his environment. It is a study carried out before starting a new development. (Otero A.R., 1998).
Assessment A management tool that predicts the likely environmental impacts of projects, finds ways to reduce unacceptable impacts, shapes the project so that it is appropriate to the local environment, and presents predictions and options to decision-makers.
Any change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from human activity, industry or natural disasters.
The potential environmental benefits or disbenefits arising from a development.
influence of a development on the natural or built environment.
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