Definitions for "Impacts"
A general term used to describe the effects of a programme on society. Impacts can be either positive or negative and foreseen or unforeseen. Initial impacts are called results, whilst longer-term impacts are called outcomes. See also outcomes, results.
The significant consequences of a government program activity, either intended or unintended, and either positive or negative.
usually used to refer to long-term program outcomes.
A measure of viewing to commercial spots. One impact is one member of the target audience viewing one commercial. Impacts are added together to give, e.g. the total impacts delivered by a particular spot, the gross total achieved by a particular advertising campaign, or the total supplied by a given channel. A total of 10 impacts could be achieved in a number of ways: by ten people viewing a single commercial, or by one person seeing the commercial ten times, or by five people seeing the commercial twice etc.
The total number of occasions on which a publication/spot will be seen. It is calculated by the aggregate of the average issue readership of all titles in the schedule. This is equivalent to reach multiplied by frequency.
Ratings converted to '000 of population or specific Target audience
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Results of an unwanted incident.