Definitions for "Cheat Sheet"
Keywords:  fantasy, nfl, draft, league, football
A pre-season tool that helps with your fantasy football draft. A cheat sheet ranks NFL position players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K) in order of their predicted fantasy football points. The best cheat sheets are based on the most current player news and injury reports.
A sheet which contains projected fantasy points for players. It can be used as a drafting tool and as a tool to help choose your weekly starting lineup.
List of players, either overall or by position, of expected fantasy performance that year. Cheat sheets are usually used on draft day. Check out our cheat sheets.
a piece of paper that has all employment information listed on it
A paper the quarterback has on his wristband to easily see plays to be called.
an instance of a simple kind of workflow support
Keywords:  plot, version, smaller, plan, lighting
A smaller version of the lighting plan, used by the lighting designer during the lighting plot.