Definitions for "Cirrus"
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See under Cloud.
kind of cloud
High clouds (generally above 20,000 feet) which are composed of ice crystals.
A tendril or clasper.
A soft tactile appendage of the mantle of many Mollusca, and of the parapodia of Annelida. Those near the head of annelids are Tentacular cirri; those of the last segment are caudal cirri.
The jointed, leglike organs of Cirripedia. See Annelida, and Polychæta.
CIRRUSâ Systems, Incorporated, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MasterCard International Incorporated, operates the international ATM sharing network known as MasterCardâ CIRRUSâ ATM Network. MasterCard customers may elect to participate in the network as issuers or acquirers by connecting through the Banknetâ telecommunications network or by developing a separate interface to the MasterCard Debit Switch.
Cirrus is a network of cash machines which are part of the MasterCard system. If you have a card with the Cirrus sign on it you can take out cash from ATMs around the world which display both the Cirrus and MasterCard signs. The cash is given out in the local currency and debited to your account in pounds. There is a charge for using Cirrus - usually 1.5-2.5 per cent of the amount taken out.
MasterCard owns the Cirrus Network. Cardholders can obtain cash with the card at bank branches and at all ATMs in the global MasterCard®/Cirrus® ATM Network, which is among the largest ATM networks in the world with over 900,000 locations on all seven continents.
The Cirrus is a sounding rocket with two stages, developed by the "Hermann Oberth Society". Its first launch was on September 16, 1961. The maximum height of the Cirrus, depending on the version, is 35 kilometres or 50 kilometres.
Cirrus is a high-rise apartment building in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Cirrus is the tallest building in Finland with a height of 92 metres (302 feet). The building, which is located in Vuosaari in East Helsinki, has 28 floors (including two underground ones) and 140 apartments.
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Cirrus is an electronic duo formed in the mid-1990s. They make breakbeats most of the time, and they are based out of southern California and have toured the United States and Europe extensively.
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Cirrus is a worldwide interbank network.
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usually coiled