Definitions for "Clamping"
Refers to an oligonucleotide that binds tightly and inhibits the amplification of a particular DNA sequence in a PCR reaction if it exists between the region defined by the PCR primers. MGB(tm) oligonucleotides so designed can make effective clamps due to their high Tm, short length, and the other attributes of the MGB(tm).
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Setting upper and lower limits on values sent to an analog output point so they do not go above or below a specific limit. For example, if you are using a 0-10 VDC output module, but the device attached to one of its points can handle a maximum of only 5 VDC, you can set an upper clamp of 5VDC for that point. Opto 22 SNAP PAC brains have the ability to clamp analog outputs.
In computer graphics, clamping is the process of limiting a position to an area. Unlike wrapping, clamping merely moves the point to the nearest available value.
The process of restoring a DC reference level which was removed to make an AC coupled signal. Without a known DC reference level, a video waveform can't be digitized correctly.
(DC). The circuit or process that restores the DC component of a signal. A video clamp circuit, usually triggered by horizontal synchronizing pulses, re-establishes a fixed DC reference level for the video signal. A major benefit of a clamp is the removal of low-frequency interference, especially power line hum.
The process that establishes a fixed level for the picture level at the beginning of each scanning line.
A clamping voltage is the largest voltage allowed by a transient suppressor.
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An Extreme Uli performed using a cable clamp rather than a hose clamp.
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Clamping occurs when the baby controls the flow of milk by closing his gums on the nipple.
holding pieces of material together using a vice or G-clamp
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Placing the head of the stick over the top of the offensive player's stick.
positioning of a clamp. Blocking circulation within a vessel.