Definitions for "Cleanup"
Action taken to respond to a hazardous material release or threat of a release that could affect humans and/or the environment. Also called remedial action, removal action, response action, or corrective action.
The general term for environmental restoration, the process designed to ensure that risks to the environment and to human health and safety from sites that need remediation either are eliminated or reduced to prescribed, safe levels.
the process of removing, treating, or disposing of contaminants at a site and restoring the site to a condition that is not dangerous to people or the environment
Machining to bring the part closer to finish size while removing all visual traces of roughing.
an ambitious statewide effort to remove litter and trash from our roadways, parks, forests, riverbanks, neighborhoods and open spaces
The process of retracing the animators' rough, sketchy drawings and converting them into finished drawings with smooth outlines that can be transferred to cels. In studio animation, this is done by the Cleanup Artist. See also roughs.
The process of repairing modules that are ungrammatical, are poorly formatted, etc. Cleanup generally requires only editing skills, as opposed to the specialised knowledge that is more often called for by pages needing attention. See also: Wikibooks:Wikibooks maintenance.
decimal Quantity Exercisable when less than this quantity or percentage of a debt or debt pool remains.
Payment of all outstanding debts to a bank
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(baseball) the fourth position in the batting order (usually filled by the best batter on the team)
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the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
The process of cleaning up after an exception or an error has occurred. See also: leave  exception  cleanup stack
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Down all remaining pins with the third ball, (Cleanup ball).
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a very large profit