Definitions for "PRP "
PRP is the dynamic pages generator. It is similar to Zope and many others, but it has additional features. PRP enables you to integrate HTML templates and scripting language code. PRP provides an import/export feature. All data for your site are stored in an SQL database.
Pollution Reduction Program.
Potentially Responsible Parties are individuals, municipalities, corporations or others who have been identified as possibly having contributed to the contamination of a natural resource with hazardous substances.
a protein that is found naturally in the body it comes in a number of different forms: PrPc (cellularPrP) which is made in small amounts in cells, especially in the nervous and lymphatic system. PrPsc (PrPscrapie) the form of PrP that has been mutated by contact with the infective agent of a TSE.
The prion protein. This is a normally occuring protein found on the surface of particular cell types - PrPC. The abnormal form PrPCJD (or PrPScrapie) accumulates in the disease brain and is thought to be the main (or only) consistuent of prions.
Prion protein. A normally occurring protein found on the surface of particular cell types - PrPC. The abnormal form PrPCJD (or PrPSc in scrapie) accumulates in the brain.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program - Community-based rehabilitation programs for adults with serious mental illness, which provide skills training, socialization, support and job-readiness training.
Personal Reliability Program (U.S. Army). All Army personnel involved with nuclear weapons had to be members of the PRP. More information. Back to
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. provide rehabilitation and support to individuals to develop and enhance community and independent living skills. Services may be provided at a PRP facility or off-site at a residence, a job, or another appropriate location in the community.
PanRetinal Photocoagulation
PRP 2,5-diamino-6-hydroxy-4-(5'-phosphoribosylamino)-pyridine
Penicillin-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae
projection reference point. The point, specified in VRC system coordinates, where the view originates. Objects are "seen" by looking through the PRP toward the center of the view window. Introduction to Computer Graphics, p203 A parallel orthographic projection. The direction of projection is the vector from the PRP to the center of the view window, and is parallel to the VPN. The shear-parallel matrix would be equal to the identity matrix in this case. Introduction to Computer Graphics, p204 A perspective projection. The direction of projection for any given point is the vector from the PRP to that point. Introduction to Computer Graphics, p202
Product Realization Process
Product Replacement Plan
Product Requirement Planning
Policy Research Programme (of the Department of Health)
Primary Reading Programme (Zambia)
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Platelet-Rich Plasma
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Preferred Risk Policy. A policy that offers fixed combinations of building/contents coverage or contents-only coverage at modest, fixed premiums. The PRP is available for property located in B, C, and X zones in Regular Program communities that meet eligibility requirements based on the property's flood loss history.
See Preferred Risk Policy. No entries
Performance Related Pay. inks an individuals performance with their pay. Different schemes have been set up to measure.