Definitions for "CNA"
Nursing Administration
A certification level received by taking exams offered by the Novell Education division. This certification is the most basic of the certification levels. It prepares you to manage your own NetWare network. It does not delve into the more complex and technical aspects of NetWare, covered in the CNE and Master CNE exams. See also CNE; CNI; Master CNE.
Certified Nurses Aid. A person who has satisfactorily completed a certified program providing her/him with basic patient care training.
ertified etwork dministrator.
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Family of insurance companies underwriting the BoatU.S. Yacht, Boat Saver, Bass and most PWC policies. CNA carries an AM Best rating of A.
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See ComisiĆ³n Nacional de Aqua.
Canadian Newspaper Association, a trade association whose members publish daily newspapers in Canada.
Chin National Army
reporting marks for Canadian National
Computer Network Attack: Operations, via the datastream, to disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy information resident in computers and computer networks, or the computers and networks themselves.
Columbia naladixic acid medium, selective (for Gram +) and differential medium
Combustion Nitrogen Analysis
Center for Naval Analysis
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Coal & Allied Industries Limited
Communication Needs Assessment
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customer name & address from a phone number