Definitions for "EMT"
mergency edical echnician. State certification for ambulance personnel. The training includes advanced first aid skills plus use of specialized ambulance equipment and administration of oxygen. Certification for ambulance work is called "basic EMT" or EMT-A. There are advanced EMT levels for those who are trained to start IV lines and use special airway equipment (EMT-Intermediate) and those who can use automatic cardiac defibrillators (EMT-D). New York has two advanced certification levels for EMTs. AEMT-CC (formerly AEMT-III) includes use of advanced airways, drugs and cardiac monitoring. AEMT-P (formerly AEMT-IV) includes all of the above, plus specialized training in certain paramedical skills. Monroe County makes no distinction in protocols or recognition between the different levels of advanced certification at the present time. Throughout the rest of the state there is usually a big difference. EMT certification standards vary among the states. (see Paramedic)
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A person trained and certified to appraise and initiate the administration of basic emergency services (as cardiopulmonary resuscitation)care for victims of trauma or acute illness before or during transportation of the victims to a health care facility.
Electric metallic tubing.
lectrical etal ubing. A thin wall galvanized steel pipe used to carry electrical or other types of conductors.
Electrical Metallic Tubing (Conduit) used as a wire chase, sized to carry one or more circuits. Available in thin wall (thin) or ridged, threaded.
Efficient markets theory. Principle that all assets are correctly priced by the market, and that there are no bargains.
Efficient markets theory. Efficient set EG
Efficient Market Theory. the theory postulating that market prices reflect the knowledge and expectations of all investors. It asserts that any development is instantaneously priced into a security, thus making it impossible to consistently beat the market.
EMT is an application to draw and test turing machines intended to help Formal Languages and Automata students to understand how turing machines work and test their own turing machines.
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Extended Mobility Tire (run flat).
Extended Mobility Tires
Empresa Municipal de Transportes
Electrode Management Technology. Automatic management of electrodes for replenishment in flexible manufacturing environment.
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English Mother Tongue
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Brand name of a well-known echo plate device.