Definitions for "Electrodes"
Keywords:  electrolysis, conductor, rod, tig, mig
(1) In welding, a tungsten rod, (TIG) or consumable metal wire (MIG) which is used as an electrical conductor and are point between the welding torch and the workpiece. (2) In spot welding, the upper and lower shaped, conductive elements between which, two or more sheet metal parts are squeezed and through which, current flows during resistance welding.
Parts of a battery where electric current enters or leaves the battery.
Device that moves electrons into or out of a solution by conduction.
Tiny wire discs placed on the skin to monitor heart rate, breathing and temperature.
Fine wires that carry electrical activity from or into the heart.
soft pads that stick to parts of the body during some tests. Covered wires connect the electrodes to machines. Electrodes will not hurt or shock your child.
small devices transmitting biological electrical activity from subject to polygraph
Small devices that transmit brain waves or other biological electrical signals from a patient to a polysomnograph machine, where the signal is amplified and displayed.
Keywords:  vns, vagus, therapy, nerve, connects
Part of the VNS Therapy system that connects to the vagus nerve.
Keywords:  discharge, lamp, filaments, arc, end
The structure that serves as electric terminals at each end of electric discharge lamps.
Filaments located at either end of a discharge lamp that maintain an electrical arc between them. See arc discharge.
Pins or blades on electric moisture meters, usually made of steel, used to penetrate and contact the wood. Insulated - Electrodes that are coated with an insulating material to limit or control the point of contact between the electrode and the wood.
measuring sensor in electromagnetic flow meters.
Surfaces upon which oxidation and reduction half-reactions; occur in electrochemical cells.