Definitions for "CRNA"
a C ertified R egistered N urse A nesthetist who works under the supervision of an anesthesiologist
a health care specialist with duties similar to an anesthesiologist
a licensed Registered Nurse who has completed a post-graduate course in anesthesia and has successfully completed the certifying examination
an advanced Nurse Practitioner who in addition to having a nursing degree, has received specialized training in anesthesia
an advanced practice specialty within the profession of Nursing responsible for giving total anesthesia care to patients requiring anesthesia services
Complementary or Antisense RNA is in the opposite orientation to the mRNA (sense) found in the cell. cRNA or aRNA is the end-product of the linear amplification of the Eberwine procedure.
See complementary RNA.
an RN who has completed an additional two years of specialized training in anesthesiology