Definitions for "CLT"
Cheshire Landscape Trust
Compressed Lead Time: orders requested by the customer to be completed in shorter than standard time.
Charitable Lead Trust. A trust that provides for the payment of an amount annually, or at more frequent intervals, to a designated charity. The amount must equal at least five percent of the initial fair market value of the trust. At the death of the trust creator, or at the end of the designated term of years, the remaining trust principal is distributed to a designated beneficiary or beneficiaries.
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Chemnitzer Linux-Tage
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Command List Table. A table used in XRF systems that contains MVS commands and messages to be issued during takeover.
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central limit theorem
Refers to Central Limits Theorm.
Center line transposition. Lateral shift of the center line, after drilling thumb first.
A non-profit organization which acquires and holds land for the benefit of the community. CLTs provide secure and affordable access to land and potential housing for community residents.