Definitions for "CNN"
1. n. A television station owned by "Almighty Ted" 2. n. Primary source of news for Tech students (Almighty Ted's idea)
Cable Necropimping Network. A communications network which provides necropimping services for the prenatal child-killing industry primarily through cable television.
The Cable News Network, commonly known as CNN, is a major cable television network founded in 1980 by Ted Turner. Me and Ted ... Reese Schonfeld Bio Charles Bierbauer, CNN senior Washington correspondent, discusses his 19-year career at CNN. It is a division of the Turner Broadcasting System, owned by Time Warner.
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Condoms, Needles, Negotiation skills. An alternative approach to the Abstinence, Be faithful, Condoms (ABC) approach to HIV/AIDS prevention. HIV / AIDS
acronym for Certified Nephrology Nurse.
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Communist News Network