Definitions for "Co-registration"
An extra offer attached to a registration (e.g. "Click here to receive our newsletter")
When a person visits a web site, and decides to subscribe to a mailing list, they will provide personal information such as name, email address, etc. Frequently, after providing their personal information, new members are provided the opportunity to request memberships for other services from the partners of the web site that they are joining. There are typically dozens of offers, any of which a person could choose from. Sometime later, that member will begin to receive email from one of the partners listed. This opt-in process is called Co-Registration.
Arrangement in which companies collecting registration information from users (email sign-up forms, shopping checkout process, etc.) include a separate box for users to check if they would also like to be added to a specific third-party list.
Two or more courses that require enrollment in each during the same semester or term.