Definitions for "Cochlear"
of the arrangement of corolla lobes in a bud, a variant of imbricate aestivation.
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Lymphoma Tinnitus
Morphine Transplantation
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Lens Stroma
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Malformation Seizures
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a device consists of electrodes embedded in the cochlea, a spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear, to stimulate the auditory nerve, and connected to a receiver, transmitter, microprocessor, and microphone.
A specific part of the internal ear.
of or relating to the cochlea of the ear; "cochlear implant"
Abbreviation of Cochlear Limited the Cochlear Group or Adjective meaning of Cochlear Limited, e.g. a Cochlear employee.
Adjective meaning of the cochlea, e.g. extra-cochlear means outside the cochlea.
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Of or pertaining to the cochlea.
Means "pertaining to the cochlea."
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Lesion Suppressive