Definitions for "Colocation"
This is a service offered by Integrity to house servers on our premises owned by external businesses.
Basically this is just owning a server but having it a another location. This is great for people who want to own their own server, but do not want the hassle of maintaining that server in their environment.
Colocation is for people who own their own web server, which they put in a dedicated facility that provides high-speed Internet connection, security, environment, backup power, and technical support. Unlike with a dedicated server, the client often controls both hardware and software.
The placement of multiple antennas at a common physical site to reduce both environmental impact and real estate costs, as well as to speed zoning approvals and network deployment.
Placement of several satellites near each other in orbit. This allows a single fixed antenna to receive signals from all of the satellites without tracking.
Housing of IT equipment in a shared area, available from a single rack upwards.