Definitions for "Combining"
A production process used to join or add materials together in a permanent or temporary fashion (e.g., glue, nails, screws, welding, soldering).
Joining messages together as they traverse a network. Combining may be done to reduce the total traffic in the network, to reduce the number of times the start-up penalty of messaging is incurred, or to reduce the number of messages reaching a particular destination.
Keywords:  things, occurrence, whole, act, new
an occurrence that results in things being united
the act of combining things to form a new whole
A combining financial statement is at a second level of aggregation below the top or combined level. If each fund in a fund type is presented on one page this is a combining level. For example, if special revenue funds have three funds, parks, schools, and libraries, then the combining level would present the three on the same page.