Definitions for "Commodity Credit Corporation"
Operating unit of the US Department of Agriculture, under the management of an Undersecretary for International Affairs and Commodity Programs, that manages export credits, surplus stocks and acquisition of commodities for PL 480 and Section 416(b) purposes. CRS--Catholic Relief Services, a PVO that is participating in WISHH efforts.
A wholly government-owned corporation established in 1933 to assist U.S. agriculture. The major operations of the CCC are price-support programs in which it purchases excess supplies of commodities, and provides assistance in foreign exports of agricultural commodities.
The Commodity Credit Corporation is a wholly owned federal corporation within the U.S. Department of Agriculture formed to finance price supports for agricultural commodities. The objectives of the CCC are to stabilize and support income and commodity prices. In addition, the CCC facilitates the distribution and the balanced supply of agricultural commodities.