Definitions for "Common ground"
In model railroading, the use of a single wire to complete a circuit for numerous track sections or accessories. Eliminates the need for a large number of "ground" wires, one for each accessory or track.
a basis agreed to by all parties for reaching a mutual understanding
a good idea so I connected the existing ground in Silvia at H to the ground terminal of the PID
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These were two conferences, the first held at Carleton College, MN and the second held at Bowdoin College, ME, which brought youth and adults from across the country together to recreate continental youth programs after it was determined that LRY was no longer viable. The conferences were called for by the SCOYP report and ultimately put together by Wayne Arnason
a non-partisan, non-profit organization, dedicated to addressing and building consensus around important public policy issues
a non-profit project of Ecology Action, dedicated to Grow Biointensive food
That which believer and unbeliever have in common, making it possible for them to engage in apologetic discussion. See point of contact. VT sometimes denied that Christians and non-Christians had any beliefs in common. But his actual view was that they would not have such common beliefs if each were fully consistent with his presuppositions. See Bahnsen 276, 420-24, 730.
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A means to break the ice and begin to establish rapport and trust. The process is to discover what you and the other person share in common. It is usually done with small talk and revolves around safe topics such as the weather, traffic, travel etc. As more and more items are found in common, the ability to extend trust to the other person grows.