Definitions for "Compliant"
Yielding; bending; pliant; submissive.
evidencing little spirit or courage; overly submissive or compliant; "compliant and anxious to suit his opinions of those of others"; "a fine fiery blast against meek conformity"- Orville Prescott; "she looked meek but had the heart of a lion"; "was submissive and subservient"
E-learning that meets established standards of, and has received official approval from, an accrediting organization. See also conformant.
disposed or willing to comply; "children compliant with the parental will"
willing to carry out the orders or wishes of another without protest; "too acquiescent to challenge authority"; "a gentle and biddable soul"; "children compliant with the parental will"
Commonly refers to eLearning that meets industry standards such as AICC (also referred to as Standards compliant).
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You are taking your meds just like it says on the label. You're a good patient. See treatment resistant.
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a multi-decade project (if it is even done at all)
a requirement every health care provider must address
Hardware and software capable of satisfying a particular requirement, such as manipulation of four-digit dates, is deemed ''compliant.''
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easily influenced or imposed on
In compliance with all applicable Compliant Rules set by a licensing entity
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called a Bill of Complaint. the legal paper that starts a case.
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See Full and accurate records.