Definitions for "Condition precedent"
A contractual condition that suspends the coming into effect of a contract unless or until a certain event takes place. Many residential real estate contracts have a condition precedent which states that the contract is not binding until and unless the property is subjected to a professional inspection, the results of which are satisfactory to the purchaser. Compare with "condition subsequent".
Condition that must be fulfilled before an estate can vest.
A future, uncertain event that—if it happens—creates a right or obligation.
Keywords:  condonation, subsequent
Legal term for a "subject to" clause.
A statement of a condition to be fulfilled before the contract will become firm and binding; must include a specific deadline for removal. May also be called a “subject to” clause.
Keywords:  met, gained, obligation, agreement, due
a condition that must be met before the obligation under a contract becomes due
a condition which must be met before the agreement becomes effective
A condition which must be met before an estate is gained.
Keywords:  thereon, accrues, dependent, act, right
a condition which is to be performed before some right dependent thereon accrues or some act dependent thereon is performed