Definitions for "COVENANTS"
Promises written into deeds and other instruments agreeing to performance or nonperformance of certain acts, or requiring or preventing certain uses of the property.
An agreement made between the seller & the purchaser of a piece of property or a home
Covenants are pre-established financial ratios that ALSTOM must maintain compliance with to respect financing agreements with its lenders.
Undertakings given to the investors by the company and sometimes the founders to do or not do certain acts (see paragraph 15, Section IV above).
Undertakings given by one party to another. For example, it is usual for the vendor to agree not to set up in competition (often qualified in terms of time and geography).
Rules usually developed by a builder or developer regarding the physical appearance of buildings in a particular geographic area. Typical covenants address building height, appropriate fencing and landscaping, and the type of exterior material (stucco, brick, stone, siding, etc) that may be used.
See Bond Covenants
Conditions imposed on loans and bonds to protect lenders against default.
Another term for terms and conditions or provisions of a contract. 1 May. 2006 Definition
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