Definitions for "Connate"
Born with another; being of the same birth.
Congenital; existing from birth.
Congenitally united; growing from one base, or united at their bases; united into one body; as, connate leaves or athers. See Illust. of Connate-perfoliate.
Keywords:  fused, adnate, joined, stem, tomato
of similar parts or organs; closely joined or united; "a connate tomato flower"
when the bases of opposite leaves are fused around the stem
fused to another organ (or other organs) of the same kind. cf. adnate.
Grown together or attached in a circle.
when the bases of opposite leaves are grown together.
united or grown together.
Keywords:  fusion, sheath, margins, parts, union
Fusion of like parts, such as sheath margins to form a tube.
Union of like parts.
Keywords:  qualities, nature, related
related in nature; "connate qualities"