Definitions for "Contamination"
When something unwanted enters a quality product
ln the vacuum system, the introduction of water vapor into the oil in the vacuum pump, which then causes the pump to lose its ability to attain its ultimate pressure.
Something that is infected
The act or process of contaminating; pollution; defilement; taint; also, that which contaminates.
The tainting of members of the comparison or control group with elements from the program. Contamination threatens the validity of the study because the group is no longer untreated for purposes of comparison.
Presence of germs or parasites on the body, or in clothes, bedding, toys, medical tools, water or food. Other words are to pollute, sully or taint.
materials that are accidentally included with a food (eg dirt, leaves, stalks etc).
Refers to a condition where a lesser quality road material permeates and mixes with a higher quality road material. An example of contamination would be mixing native, organic soils with clean imported structural fill material.
Reduction in water quality by faecal material, resulting in a breach of guideline values.
The degradation of natural water quality as a result of man's activities.
Degradation of water quality compared to original or natural conditions due to human activity.
The accumulation of debris in the dielectric fluid, which can cause instability and a decrease in the fluid's dielectric strength.
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Molecular Steroid
Malaise Steroid
A sort of analogical change in which a word's form is influenced by the form of another word in the same semantic field; for example, the English number "four" should have an initial [k], but has been influenced by the following number in the series, "five."
(noun) The transfer of meaning of one word to another unrelated word which may be commonly associated with it, e.g. due to the phrase old geezer, the American meaning of geezer has come to imply old, and the phrase bald as a coot has made old implicit in the term coot (again, only in American English). Note that in British English, neither geezer nor coot has these connotations.
Mutagenesis Tuberculosis
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Metaplasia Skeletal
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Inotropic Solvent
When the comparison group is in some way affected by, or affects, the treatment group, causing an increase of efforts. Also known as compensatory rivalry or the John Henry effect.
a broad category of foreign matter visible to the unaided eye on the wafer surface. In most cases, it is removable by gas blow off, detergent wash, or chemical action. See also particulate contamination, stain.
traces of chemicals that are present where they don't belong, causing loss of chemical activity, staining, or other problems
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Lethal Serum
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Mobility Thyrotropin
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Microbiology Toxic
Evidence of an agent in food or in any object which could be in contact with the food. This agent Is capable of causing disease in a person through the consumption of food.
Contact with an admixture of an unnatural agent, with the implication that the amount is measurable.
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Menstruation Tetanus
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Mad Scientists Spent Fuel
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Lymphoma Staging
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Lymphocytic Substrate
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a suspected problem
Localization Supplementation
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Energy sensed by the satellite from two or more sources along the same line of sight.
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See contaminate.
the state of being contaminated