Definitions for "contraception"
the intentional prevention of conception or impregnation, especially when accomplished by the use of contraceptive medications or devices; a form of birth control.
A physical or chemical barrier to conception.
There are 14 methods of contraception available in the UK. These are: the IUS; the IUD; the implant; the injection; natural family planning; the combined pill; diaphragms and caps; emergency contraception; the contraceptive patch; progestogen-only pill; male sterilisation; female sterilisation; male condoms; female condoms
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Microbiology Synovitis
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Lethal Sclerosis
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Manifest Symptomatology
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Molecular Tetracycline
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Megestrol Stomach
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Locomotor Systemic
Menstruation Transfusion
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Sexual activity that is not one of the more common activities. Like running round trees, singing songs and wearing white in the rain
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Mobility Socialization
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See contraception