Definitions for "Conversion rates"
A figure that shows t he amount of visitors sent to a site divided by the amount of sales made from those sent. This is the calculation - Visitors / Sales = Conversion Rate. Different for each Merchant although the higher the figure the better.
The estimated survival of adults during upstream migration is expressed as a "conversion rate." Conversion rates are calculated by dividing the count of a particular group of adult fish at the uppermost dam by the count of that group at the lowest dam, subtracting out estimates of harvest and tributary harvest between the dams.
The irrevocable conversion rates between the euro and the different national currencies will be set on 1 January 1999. The conversion rates will include six significant figures, discounting initial zeros, and will be defined at all times in terms of one euro expressed in national currencies, and in one direction only. Example: 1 euro = 40.3399 Luxembourg francs.
Conversion rates are distinct measurements that determine how many of your prospects take your preferred action step. Typically, micro-conversions (for instance, reading different pages on your site, or signing up for a newsletter) lead to your main conversion step (making a purchase, or contacting you for more information). Counter
The ratio of inquiries converted to buyers. This ratio is used to track two-step programs, such as trial offers or lead generation.