Definitions for "Cooperatives"
are businesses owned and run jointly by their members. They exist in many forms, however, members generally pay a fee to belong, have special buying privileges and receive annual shares of the profits.
A structure of two or more units in which the residents own shares in the corporation that owns the property, giving each resident the right to occupy a specific apartment or unit.
A buyer purchases shares in a co-op corporation, made up of the residents in the co-op property. The buyer owns the shares rather than owning the real property. In exchange, the buyer has the right to occupy a co-op unit.
Marketing groups established by such groups as the Farmers Alliance. They eliminated "middlemen" and reduced prices to farmers. The idea also was tried by some labor groups and included other types of businesses such as factories.
Creating, assisting and strengthening cooperatives.
A form of public utility that generally provides retail electric power to consumers at cost and without profit.
Customer Service Directories