Definitions for "Ops"
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The Open Profiling Standard is a standard for the unique identification of a user on the internet suggested by more than 60 companies and currently under consideration by the WWW consortium.
Other Personal Services. A temporary and at-will appointment.
Open Profiling Standard. OPS is a proposed open industry standard for the online, private exchange of information between individuals and businesses.
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From the Greek adopted Goddess of the fertile earth, abundance, sowing, harvest and wealth.
(Roman mythology) goddess of abundance and fertility; wife of Saturn; counterpart of Greek Rhea and Cybele of ancient Asia Minor
Greek root (normally suffix) for face or (less often) eye.
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Orientation & Planning Session. A five-day residency in Santa Barbara which all applicants must attend (formerly "ACW" which stood for Admission Contract Workshop).
Oriented polystyrene
Organophosphate pesticides
Oxygen Purge System. The upper portion of an astronaut's space suit backpack containing emergency oxygen tanks and plumbing necessary to service the backpack between uses.
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OPSM Group Limited
Other Personal Services. A basic expenditure category represented in the university operating budget and legislative request budget which details the cost of temporary employment such as Student Assistants, Graduate Assistants, Consultants, Faculty Adjuncts.
Office of Pharmaceutical Science
UNDP Office for Projects Services
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Outpatient Surgery
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Open Space PBRS Public Benefit Rating System
Off-premises station. See also Off-Premises Extension.
Telephone station that has a specific identity and is located at a distance from the main switch.
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See Other Personnel Services.
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Operating Properly and Successfully
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observation posts
organic preservative surface
Oracle Parallel Server, more information ...