Definitions for "BackPack "
Keywords:  hike, shoulder, sack, camp, idea
a bag carried on the back, supported by straps looped over the shoulders.
to hike while carrying a backpack; -- often used in the form go backpacking; as, to backpack through the forest.
A cloth or leather bag held to the back with double shoulder straps. Originally designed for a functional purpose, the backpack has now become a fashion item as well.
Keywords:  necessity, excursion, even, short
a necessity for even a short excursion
a necessity for me
Keywords:  gpg, resupplys, ammo, debian, pickup
BackPack is a little script that performs a selective backup of selected directories and Debian package configurations, regularly adding support for more backup options such as MySQL, GPG encryption, etc.
a pickup that resupplys a players ammo and armor by a configurable amount
a good choice, since it leaves your hands free
a good compliment to take within your town trips Sandals, sport shoes are great
a great help
a must for kindergarten and needs to be brought on the first day of school / orientation
an essential item for a kid in school, but research shows that they can cause injuries
to heal someone while they're actively fighting, or the healer doing so
Keywords:  convenient, lot
a lot more convenient
a quality product that will provide long lasting enjoyment
Keywords:  bring, child, day, your
a must for your child to bring every day
Keywords:  option
an option for anyone
Keywords:  product, performance
a performance product