Definitions for "Cor"
Coefficient of Restitution. The amount of energy put into a golf ball as compared to the amount of energy at (after) impact. The COR is the relation between rebound velocity and initial velocity. Putty would have a COR of 0. A perfectly elastic material has a COR of 1. COR is the method by which the USGA currently determines what it calls "spring-like effect". The USGA uses COR to regulate driving distance. The current limit on driver COR is 0.83.
'Coeffi cient of restitution'. A measurement of the clubface's ability to rebound the ball, expressed as a percentage that is determined by a ball's speed off the clubhead divided by the speed at which it strikes the clubhead.
Coefficient of restitution. Measures the amount of bounce effect if the face caves in at impact.
Commissioner of the Revenue: The Commissioner of the Revenue is a publicly elected representative of the people, responsible for the just administration of taxes levied by the government. - Acronym/Phrase Description
Contracting Officer's Representative. A Federal employee to whom a contracting officer has delegated limited authority in writing to make specified contract-related decisions. Also referred to as Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR).
Charter Organization Representative - A person assigned by the chartering organization to be the liaison between the troop and the charter organization. Our charter organization is Ponagansett Middle School.
Continuous Open Recruitment. An open invitation to join a sorority or fraternity
Continuous Open Recruitment. Some Panhellenic affiliated chapters continue to recruit and pledge women throughout the school year.
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equisite(s): course(s) with two or more sections that must be enrolled in simultaneously, such as lecture and discussion; lecture and laboratory; or lecture, discussion, and workshop. Each section has a separate call number. Students risk losing their place in the lecture when they attempt to change discussion or laboratory sections via UCR STAR, as UCR STAR does not hold enrollment in corequisite parts of a course. PAWS, however, does hold enrollment in corequisite parts of a course.
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Comitetul Olimpic Roman
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chief of reconnaissance
COR is a labelling system used to identify kosher foods in Canada. The symbol is a trademark of the Kashruth Council of Canada, a governing body of kashruth agencies in Canada.
A Hebrew measure of capacity; a homer.
A cor is a dry measure of about 391 liters, 103 U. S. gallons, or 86 imperial gallons.
(carrier-operated relay) - a device that causes the repeater to transmit in response to a received signal
Carrier-Operated-Relay, a device that, upon sensing a received signal, turns on the repeater's transmitter to repeat the received signal.
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A hunting horn.
Automated Notification of Change, this is a notification transaction, used in the ACH business that is automatically derived from the original, erroneous item.
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Count Out of the Ring
Count correction
Certificate of Restoration
Certificate of Registration (for an Australian aircraft).
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In the presence of
Close On Rise. COR refers to the operation of the contacts. When the temperature rises to its set point the contacts close or make contact which completes the circuit.
Combined Operating Ratio
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Close Observation Room
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See Committee of the Regions.
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Copy of Record
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Class of Restriction
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Correction A filing correcting a previously filed document