Definitions for "Countdown "
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Countdown is a small Perl script using the Date::Manip library to display a countdown to the next event listed in the configuration file. Output is either text or HTML, switchable by a commandline parameter.
Timer: A function that lets the wearer keep track of how much of a pre-set period of time has elapsed. Some countdown timers sound a warning signal a few seconds before time runs out -- these are useful in events such as yacht races, where a sailor must maneuver a boat into position before the start of a race.
another hand in house script we offer that allows Admins to run a countdown to a specific event that will display on all your board's pages. You set this in the Admin Center inputting a time and event that is happening when the time runs out.
Especially in lowball, two hands very nearly tied that must beCompared in detail to determine a winner, for example, 8-6-5-3-2 versus 8-6-5-3-A. The act ofCounting theCards that remain in the stub after allCards have been dealt, done by a dealer to ensure that aComplete deck is being used.
The period of time between the beginning of a power failure (after the notification delay) and the point at which a Power Monitor begins to shut down computer programs and the operating system. Countdown time is configured on a per Power Monitor basis and is set in the Management Settings dialog of LanSafe. The countdown allows you time to finish tasks before a workstation is shut down. A shutdown can be cancelled at any point during the countdown time if the power failure is resolved.
Countdown is a point-and-click adventure game for MS-DOS by Access Software released in 1990. You play Mason Powers, a CIA agent who wakes up in a Turkish mental hospital, suffering from partial amnesia and accused of murdering his supervisor. Powers must escape the hospital, find out who framed him, piece together his memory, and prevent terrorists from blowing up a peace conference.
"Countdown" is the title of a Star Trek: Enterprise television episode from season three.
The Dutch music show Countdown was a popular show from the early '80s to the early '90s, broadcasted by the (in that time public) broadcasting system Veronica. It ranked as the top music show in the whole of Europe. Due to the popularity this show, the career of one of its hosts throughout the entire period, Adam Curry, rose like a star.
Countdown is a ninety-minute music video program block that airs on Canadian music television station Much Music. The program airs a playlist of the most well-known songs in the mainstream; the first half of the show plays recently released and most popular music videos, while the second half focuses on the top 10 videos, whether they be ascending or descending the chart. Countdown is one of the oldest programs that continues to be aired on MuchMusic since its debut.
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Countdown is a 1968 film directed by Robert Altman, based on the novel The Pilgrim Project by Hank Searls.
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( Academy leader, leader, beeps, d-cue, digital): the "5, 4, 3, 2.." that goes before the start of an taped item.
(n) A reverse sequence of numbers representing the number of seconds before the first video of a production begins.  Countdowns usually begin at 10 (sometimes 5) and continue until 2, at which point the screen goes black for two seconds and then the production begins.  KUJH-TV News does NOT use countdown prior to news stories, but many stations do.  See also Leader.
When 13 coaches try to keep track of how many seconds have passed since the minute gun, and therefore how far off the start gun is, with about 13 different results.
The Countdown Arc is a 5 issue Arc of The Spectacular Spider-Man series. It features Spider-Man trying to figure out what Doctor Octopuss' newest scheme is.
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Carol, I love you. I have had many a wank over your tits and arse... I wish
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a program for managing your NCAA men's basketball pool
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Countdown was a British comic book that ran for 58 issues from (issues dates) 20 February 1971 to 25 March 1972, when it became TV Action.
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A "countdown" is a number displayed on an electronic card reader on a slot machine which shows the number of coins needed to earn 1 slot club point.
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a good way to promote your site or your products to visitors, but you have to get them to your site first