Definitions for "CRE"
Counselor of Real Estate, or member of the American Society of Real Estate Counselors (ASREC).
creative real estate
Counselor in Real Estate
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Comision Reguladora de Energia
Contrat de Ré gulation Economique
Courtesy reply envelope. (Sender pays postage.) Mailer encloses a reply envelope as a courtesy to assist the sender in replying.
Certificate of Reinstatement A certificate issued in evidence of an entity's reinstatement from administrative or involuntary dissolution or revocation of certificate of authority/registration
Central Reconnaissance Establishment
Coordinated Review Effort. The audit process for the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs used by state and federal officials.
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Commission for Racial Equality
Consistent read explicit (repeatable read).
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Commander Royal Engineers
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Control Relay, Electronic
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Class Rating Examiner
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control and reporting element