Definitions for "Cruising"
Cruising is the name of a film released in 1980, directed by William Friedkin and starring Al Pacino. The film is loosely based on the novel Cruising (written by New York Times reporter Gerald Walker), about a New York City serial killer targeting gay men in the 1970s.
Seeking sex-partners. Generally has nothing to do with ocean-going holidays, though ocean-going holidays can be an opportunity for cruising. See also cottaging.
1). Waterborne pleasure journey embarked on by one or more people. A cruise may be considered successful if the same number of individuals who set out on it arrive, in roughly the same condition they set out in, at some piece of habitable dry land, with or without the boat. 2). Fixing your boat in exotic locations.
Cruising by boat is a lifestyle that involves living full-time on a boat while traveling from place to place. Cruising generally refers to trips of a few days or more, and can extend to round-the-world voyages. Cruising is done on both sail and power boats, although sail predominates over longer distances, as ocean-worthy power boats are considerably more expensive.
Going out looking for sex.
the act of searching an area for a random sexual encounter. Not favoured by many but still common in parks, toilets, etc., after dark.
The process in which lesbians, gay men or bisexuals look for sex with other people, often in parks.
a very sociable experience and generally everybody on board gets along very well
The act of walking along walls or furniture by a pre-walking child for the purpose of maintaining balance.
general term for street walking or visiting know gay areas in search of contacts.
process of estimating the pulpwood or lumber in a stand of trees
The measurement of standing trees on an area to determine the volume and form of wood on that area. Commonly includes the measurement of other resources on the area, such as soil, wildlife and fisheries.
Skiing leisurely down an easy slope.
parading down the avenue
Proceeding normally, unrestricted, with an absence of drastic rudder or engine changes.
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Making a long run at less than breakneck speed.