Definitions for "CTP"
capable to promise. A system that combines available to promise inventory availability with current capacity capabilities when calculating customer order schedule dates.
Capable To Promise. CTP is sometimes used as an alternate term for Available To Promise. However, CTP typically includes not only the availability of uncommitted materials on a specific date but also the capacity (labor resources, machine availability, etc.) required to make the required quantity of an item. Therefore, CTP is often linked to MRP and APS to determine material availability as it relates to manufacturing capacity constraints.
Capacity To Promise (capacité à la vente) D - F
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cytidine 5-triphosphate
Cryogenic Temperature Sensor Processing
Cloud Top Pressure. CTP is a measure of the height (in pressure units) for a given cloud or cloud layer of the highest level in the atmosphere at which the air contains a perceptible quantity of cloud particles. CTP images describe the spatial variation of height and type of clouds over a region and are useful for nowcasting and forecast model data assimilation. The CTP product is derived at the GHCC using GOES Imager and Sounder data on an hourly basis using a method that correlates the cloud top temperature in an infrared window channel to a thermodynamic profile from the MM5 forecast model.
(CTP) Convergence Technologies Professional certification - was developed for convergence equipment manufacturers, their channel partners and their end customers
Community Technology Preview
Customer Technology Preview
Cooperating Technical Partnership. The Harris County Flood Control District has entered into a CTP with FEMA which allows the District to cost share and work together on projects such as TSARP with FEMA. Back
Contractual Time Period. This is a time period during which a contract is in effect. When applied to partnerships, one CTP would be a time period during which a partnership share arrangement is in effect. If there are any individual payments within the partnership, then each of these arrangements would have their own CTP. When applied to single-handed GPs, it usually applies from when the GP started or became single-handed. If the GP's superannuation status changes, this also results in a change of CTP.
A Completely Trusted Person, to whom the individual can tell anything without any danger of it being misused, misunderstood or passed to others with risk of misuse or misunderstanding.
Certified Trager® Practitioner
Confederation of Passenger Transport
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Compensatory Time Off.
Color trial proof. Generally, these proofs have the same printing elements as those in the edition. However, they may deviate from the edition through a sequence or color variance, or through added or deleted elements as in the trial proof. A color trial proof may have been pulled at any time during the proofing period or during the printing of the edition. They are signed if the artist feels they are a unique and desirable variation. There is often an overlap in intent between trial proof and the color trial proof.
Computer To Print
Compulsory Third Party Insurance (Green Slip) - required when applying for registration of a motor vehicle.
Eliminates film by imaging directly on to a plate.
see Direct to Plate
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common tactical picture
Stands for "Composite Theoretical Performance." CTP is used to measure the ...
Conductivity thickness product
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Central Treatment Plant
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Contracted Training Program.