Definitions for "CWD"
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Coarse Woody Debris. Portion of a tree that has fallen or been cut and left in the woods. Usually refers to pieces at least 20 inches in diameter. FEMAT
coarse woody debris. Decaying wood of a minimum diameter, on the forest floor that provides special micro-climates and breeding habitat for a wide variety of organisms. Size is variable, but larger size pieces are preferable as they provide the greatest longevity and potential for site productivity and wildlife use.
Coarse Woody Debris. Sound and rotting logs and stumps that provide habitat for plants, animals, and insects, and a source of nutrients for soil development.
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Chronic Wasting Disease. a progressive disorder of the motor neurons in the spinal cord, brainstem, and motor cortex. It is manifested clinically by atrophy and corticospinal tract signs. The disease usually affects middle life and progresses to death within 2-6 years.
Chronic Wasting Disease: Mad deer disease. Prion disease in deer and elk. Now epidemic in wild deer and elk as well as farmed deer and elk in parts of US and Canada.
Chronic Wasting Disease. Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy of elk and other deer, first recognized the 1960s in Colorado and identified as a prion disease in the late 1970s. Deer with CWD have been found in game farms, and wild elk and deer with CWD have been found in the USA and Canada.
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Chemical Weapons Destruction
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