Definitions for "Windrow"
Keywords:  raked, hay, baled, slash, compost
A row or line of hay raked together for the purpose of being rolled into cocks or heaps.
Sheaves of grain set up in a row, one against another, that the wind may blow between them.
To arrange in lines or windrows, as hay when newly made.
Timber which is pushed into lines for burning during a clearing operation; or a mound of soil that is formed at the end of a bulldozer or grader blade.
A continuous mound of loose material, of appropriate height, placed at the toe or crest of a slope as a barricade to falling objects or to prevent personnel/mine equipment from falling inadvertently down pit walls. (Can also be referred to as a bund).
Keywords:  dug, mend, border, green, earth
The green border of a field, dug up in order to carry the earth on other land to mend it.