Definitions for "Data Mapping"
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The process of identifying a source data element for each data element in the target environment. For example, in the case of FMS, source data elements in AFIN are assigned target data elements in FMS.
Loan providers and schools have systems that use unique file formats. In order to allow those computer platforms to be compatible, ELM maps data from one system to the other. Data received is then translated to the file format of the receiver. This eliminates the need for a school to do programming to their system in order to use ELM.
Going beyond basic search capabilities, data mapping is also called keyless searching. It finds or suggests associations between files within a large body of data, which may not be apparent using other techniques.
The relationship between the user's data and the X12 message status.
An Excel feature that enables you to see the relationships between numbers and geographic features.
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positioning of data fields during form design